aunt的同音词are not同音词 are not同音词 are not没有同音异义词。arent的同音异义词是aunt。 wh…

are not同音词

  • are not同音词
  • are not没有同音异义词。arent的同音异义词是aunt。


  • whatcolours什么youreyes?怎么填
  • I.找出与所给单词划线部分读音相同的单词。 l. brown A. yellow B. window C. row D. how 2. home A. some B. OK C. brother D. come 3. her A. sister B. father C. mother D. heard 4. study A. you B. yellow C. many D. boy 5. knife A. think B. thank C. nine D. English II.词汇 A) 单词拼写,词首字母已给出 1.Kate is Jims s______. Their parents are Mr. and Mrs. Green. 2.Lucy and Lily are in the s______ class. 3. T______ comes after Monday. 4 .We often eat b______ for breakfast. 5.Two maps are on the w______ of our classroom. B)从A、B、C、D中找出一个与划线部分意思相同或相近的选项。 1. —Thank you. —That’s OK. A. That’s all right. B. I’m OK. C. You’re right. D. You thank you. 2. —Miss Gao is an English teacher. A. a teacher English B. a teacher of English C. a teacher of England D. A teacher’s English 3. Excuse me! Is your brother in A. at school B. in class C. at home D. Over there 4. He is my father’s brother. A. aunt B. dad C. father D. uncle 5. It’s time for break. A. have a break B. to have a rest C. have a rest D. to break C) 根据要求写出相应的单词 1. family(复数)____________ 2. black(反义词)______________ 3. picture(同义词)________ 4. they(形容词性物主代词)__________ 5. he (名词性物主代词)________ 6.Lucy(所有格)_____________ 7. Japanese(国名)________ 8.nine(序数词)____________ 9. young(反义词)__________ 10.their(同音词)____________ III.单词选择 1. “Is Jim at home” “No, he is _______.” A. at home B. at school C. to school D. to home 2. “________ everyone here this morning” “No, Lin Tao isnt here.” A. Is B. Yes C. Are D. Am 3. Lucy is _______ English girl and Mike is _______ American bo……余下全文